Window Cleaning

What is a pane?

A pane is any piece of glass with a frame around it. We don't spray the windows; we clean each pane by hand. For the best possible clean, we work one pane at a time. Scrubbing each pane individually, making sure we get deep in the corners and squeegee the glass. We then use a towel to wipe any excess water from the frame and ledges. Each pane, whether small or large, takes roughly the same amount of time to clean. What is a pane?

How do you clean the windows?

We clean each window pane by hand. First, we scrub the window with an "applicator" removing debris such as bug guts, paint chips, and silicone. We then use a window cleaning tool "window scraper" we scrub the window pane again, and then squeegee the window clean. Lastly, we wipe the ledges and frames of any excess water left behind.

Do you wipe the window frame?

Yes! We wipe each window frame.

Do you clean the window sills?

When we clean the interior windows and screens, we wipe the sills; we don't spend a ton of time getting them 100% but, they will be wiped with a wet rag. If you want the team to wipe them close to 100%, there will be an additional charge.

How much does it cost to have my windows professionally cleaned?

Window cleaning prices vary from property to property but typically start at $99 for exterior window cleaning. Factors include how long it has been since your previous (if any) professional window cleaning, how many window panes you have, and the types of windows that you would like cleaned. We will send a certified technician to your home for a free estimate, and they can walk you through the window counting process.

Is professional window cleaning for interior and exterior?

We recommended having interior and exterior window cleaning for best results: you will notice a significant difference. Although it may seem the interior windows do not get that dirty, you will be surprised. Our trained technicians work carefully and safely on the interior and exterior of your home. That means your furnishings, floors, walls, window trinkets will be left just the way we found them.

Is your window cleaning solution hazardous?

No. We only use products that are home-safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring. For a full listing of products used, ask one of our Power Cleaning Team!

What is the window cleaning process?

While most companies just wet the glass and squeegee it dry, our process includes a third process which involves scrubbing the glass. Thus, removing any build-up of tree sap, mulch spores, bird droppings, and all that other debris that make your windows hard to see through. We leave your windows looking not only cleaner but, also allow you more time. If other companies perform this work, it is usually at an extra charge. This process is standard on all first-time cleanings from Power Cleaning.

How often should I clean my windows?

While we do accept once a year customers, most of our clients select our 2 or 3 times a year; one interior & exterior cleaning, and two exterior cleanings: Spring, Summer and fall. We offer our “ Bundle Packages” for a wide range of services provided year round.

Does the weather affect the window cleaning service?

Power Cleaning services properties year-round; we clean in cold, snowy weather, as well as, hot and humid weather. We are also still able to clean on rainy days as long as the window is not blowing too strong. Light rain will not affect our technicians quality when cleaning your windows. It is our year-round service that lets us retain our qualified technicians so that we can keep the quality of your cleanings consistent.


What areas do you service?

We service Calgary and surrounding areas.

Is this a company I can trust?

Power Cleaning is fully insured and bonded. We do background checks on all employees, and all employees wear a company uniform; all vehicles branded with company logos. Your neighbours and family will see the difference when Power Cleaning has serviced your property! We strive for 100% satisfaction: doing everything in our POWER!

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